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2 Nov

Cheating clean with hot chocolate, scones, cookie dough, and cream.
Coconut milk cinnamon vanilla cocoa
Brown rice flour walnut date raw cocoa scones
Cashew cream
Garbanzo bean cookie dough dip

Applesauce, smoothies, tea forever + cappuccino rooibos tea, squash soup, beans, almond butter, crispy kale, and coconut milk. Avocados, pecans, fresh fruit, hummus.
Home Spa date with the ladies. Painting toes, energy work, tarot, reflexology, facials, detox cookies. And tea.
Chinese couple’s massage.
Henna for my hair.
Coconut oil scrubs.
More tea.
Apple ginger water
Yoga attempt with an emphasis on trying to breathe, and meditate.
The trippiest dreams ever, and my spirit animal is a bird.
Sauna to sweat the toxins in my body and writing, listening, breathing, and dancing to sweat the toxins in my mind. Lordy, I got a ton.

wine not

Life is short, savor every moment. Wine not?