Ice Cream is NOT Gelato

17 Jan

Gelato is not ice cream, I discovered on my third round of Italian heaven that dairyful day in Florence.  Ice cream is not nearly as addictive.  The colors aren’t as real, and it’s definitely not something you can get away with having for lunch on an international adventure. gelattooo It’s amateur, what poor college students pair with red vines for a sugar-fix dinner while cramming for exams.gelato...

It’s  a floozy.  It’s cheap.  Gelato is decadent.   It is the proper companion for buying leather goods at Lorenzo Market.  It’s breakfast on the Spanish Steps, it’s every fruit and nut under the Tuscan sun.  It’s bonding with Russian tourists, gelattomore delicious than a gondola ride in Venice, and the only excuse worthy of not visiting naked David, gelato davidor any museum in Europe, for that matter.  It’s the perfect date for writing letters to Juliet in Verona.gelatto juliet

Ice cream, however, is getting an invitation to get together for some ‘casual time’ from that creep who’s stalking you from your much-older brother’s facebook page.

gelato.I’ll PASS.


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