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This is why I can’t work in an office

29 Jul

I don’t have an office-ready wardrobe…but I’m sure when the suits and techies come in for a business lunch, they certainly appreciate a little color in their day from the bearer of their lattes and chardonnay.  Or they think I’m lame.  Or they’re jealous because they can’t pull off pink wigs and see-through shirts in their profession.

The SuZu Chronicles: The Summer we bought Suzy

28 Jul

It was a cold, cloudy summer, but we’d just touched down from an American blizzard via torrential downpours in Tahiti so the weather could not have been more…WORSHIPPED.  Auckland looked so much like Seattle with its sail-boats and harbour, moody skies, dots of islands around the coastline, Space Needle replica, and strings of coffee shops serving REAL COFFEE perFECtion, that we felt at home immediately.  Our first job was on Waiheke Island, and after the ferry ride, we were sure that our flat whites had been drugged because we were in Neverland.  Or Ireland.  Or Hawaii.  Or Tuscany.  Mermaid coves, rich rolling sheep-lined hills, tropical flowers and rugged cliffs, and vineyards and olive trees on every block.  We settled on Neverland because that is perfection, and island perfection is exactly where we were.  We sauv-ed our way through the wineries, fell in love with vast and immaculate Oneroa Beach, staged proposals on every other bench (which came out to 567)  overlooking another spectacular view, wore our soles down exploring the walkways, discovered the simple bliss of barefoot shopping at Countdown, and ate a million digestive cookeis, and 20 bags of Tangy Bliss.  We snuck behind (non-electrical) fences and rolled down the hills like wild cihldren, and we still have the nicks to prove it.  We bought our car in the parking lot of the Countdown supermarket, and that night we drove to the grassy, enchanted bluffs overlooking Auckland/Oz and had a picnic under the fifth door of our brand new beat down, rusty blue Suzuki. We hurled ourselves onto fluffy billows of wild grass on the bluffs amid the reminiscence of Ireland, Hawaii, and Tuscany; we completely forgot where we were, and we forgot to care.  The whole, wide world lay ahead of us.  It lay everywhere.  In the bluffs, through the vineyards, over the one-way bridges, and behind the wheel of our new Suzy Blue.

Over the next four months, collecting picturesand dance videos of kiwi landscapes; volcanoes, glaciers, mountaintops, hills, waterfalls, caves, rivers, islands, seas, hot springs, and farmland, we could have convinced people that we took a trip around the world, but thankfully we didn’t have to travel that far, nor could Suzy (R.I.P.)  have made it.  Everything our eyes could take in and more was all in that double sliver of long island chamelion New Zealand.  And that was just a dent.  Can we go back now?

wine not

Life is short, savor every moment. Wine not?