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Gallery 26 Dec

Sugartits proposes. Proposal #1.

Whisked off the 6 and click up Crosby and hoof it down Broome. Baby is across the intersection, fuschia Tarte lips and sparkling glossed eyes. Arm in arm, we trounce down block by block to the confectionery destination. Bright lavender dusk, our breath floats up to the full moon rising over our East Village.

Babycakes on the horizon.

“Oh, look, there’s something in the window. Looks like a Mad Libs or something.” S

“”What? Why would there be a Mad Libs in the window? What are you talking about??” T

“Let’s go read it…” S

Out of the corner of my eye, a cupcake box opens and yellow diamond heavens shine out.

“Get down there girl! One knee, get down!” T

Tear ducts glistening, frozen Kiwibride hands squeeze each other tight as confused gentlemen on the street take turns giving us a round of applause as they try to inch by the lovefest towards their cupcake purchases inside.

My ring shines on every day and only comes off to shower, sleep, and stimulate (well, sometimes; only out of respect for my bride, ok?). What a whirlwind engagement it’s been! Two more weeks until ass-in-the-sand-bling-on-our-hand Kiwi Honeymoon Bliss.

Gallery 26 Dec

A Glossette’s tools for putting in her two week’s notice.

Two and a half years, over and out. SMOOCH!

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Icy Land

The Color of that bit between sleep and awake, the color of perpetual dawn, a place where no bad pictures can be taken.
Iceland is the color of my softest dreams
It’s a place that can make pastel dark and a place with its eyes half shut with frost, a place of calm, collected beauty, a place of cold fingers and cashmere lust.
Iceland is the most romantic of ice-cold flurries, slushiest of whispered sunrises, and breathtaking cold pastel beauty. It is a place for tea, coffeeshops, and hotsprings to remember forever.
The sound of Bjork and Sigur Ros.
The taste of pepperoni sandwiches
The smell of…eggs.
The lightest pink breath of the north
The shiver of baby blue.
A place where you will never notice there aren’t any trees because the water is deep and the snow white white white: a place that will capture you if you’re not careful.
A place that beckons the imagination of a fairy-tale believer.

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My new motto

wine not

Life is short, savor every moment. Wine not?