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Image 28 Nov

And these Glitzerland nails won’t go unnoticed. xo

Image 27 Nov

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Summer color from Icy Land


Meet Meghan, the ultimate pin-up mermaid and glossy taste of summer inspiration for the dark months (until we honeymoon in Tahiti). Meghan is amazingtown goddessville. She is what gloss is made of; beautiful inside and out, sweet, spunky, summery, and frosted with sugar, spice, and sparkles When you told me you were thinking of coloring the tips of your hair, I knew she’d be your superhero. Purple, blue, and red streaks = mermaid princess. Meghan uses real dye, but I know you are hesitant about the bleach, so I found a cheap, easy temporary alternative using Mac color pigments or my new little favorite travel companion- the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy (only available in salons, LAME). Grab yourself some hair wax, a small paintbrush, some summer tunes (California Sunrise), and some hairspray to keep the color from escaping onto your clothes (I guess in your case that doesn’t apply since you’re always nekkid) and away your are to amazingtown goddessville. Shimmer shimmer shimmer. Paired with a party dress and cheeky stockings ala Meghan = extra shimmer squared. Colored hair is a great way to brighten up any outfit, especially if you have to wear black to work. Temporary colored hair is great if you have a real job. Haha, not me. Ever.



27 Nov

Dear Naked Bride,

I am thankful that you’re thankful.  I am thankful because you’re the perfect bride.  I am thankful that we are going to fulfill our vows of filling up our passports with stamps and visas from everywhere except Vietnam (I am thankful that you also think Vietnam is terrible).  I am thankful that you are commencing these vows with me in Tahiti.  I am thankful that we are going to be newlyweds in New Zealand.  I am thankful that New Zealand is hosting us on our glamping tour of its Kiwi curves.  Pillage indeed.  I am thankful that you are going to do the majority of the driving and navigating.  I am thankful that you are beautiful inside and out.  I am thankful that we can gloss together, glossy mag share, tarot card discover,  cannablondie bake, chocolate devour, tea overload,  skincare obsess, Gwyneth bash, and boy talk together.  Le sigh, as you say. I know it’s a little preliminary to discuss the babes, as we’re not even on our honeymoon yet, but Lux and Pearl are going to be BESTIES.  I am thankful that we can dream a big, fat Pearly, Luxed, kiwi and beyond dream together.  


The Bride wearing five layers of clothes because Iceland is, well, icy.

Image 24 Nov

I am so thankful for having your beautiful glimmering soul and super-model bone structure in my life. Blessed was the day when you walked into the classroom of Thai Language I (like a weirdo two days later than the rest of our group after being held captive by a stateside blizzard) and our vibes collided.

I cannot wait to rule the Southeastern Hemisphere with you.

I love you, Sugartits. xxo

It might have been the Cannablondie, but…

14 Nov

when 12:03am hit on Halloween night, I was clutching the bar for balance drowning in my second water. The digestive tract of this pretty little baby angel with her Barbie wig, mini Victoria wings, fluttering falsies, and breasts covered in a sheet of glitter determined she was GONE. The reggae band pulsed in the background, and my dear newly married friends were fading in and out of my peripheral with propositions of a threesome. And this fallen angel, with her Cannablondie vertigo, got hauled to the backseat while suggestive come-ons took a swim through her upside-down equilibrium fluids. I’m sure they were envisioning a late night brimming with pleasure, but instead, the pleasure was all mine as I coated their kitchen sink in vomit.

Le fin.

Image 3 Nov

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I am walking Nahla (Brittney’s French bulldog) down the aisle for her July wedding, and I have decided that it is necessary and fitting to have a puppy at our Kiwi nuptials.

Image 3 Nov

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Pink hula hoops and beach balls = kiwi wedding glossed perfection

wine not

Life is short, savor every moment. Wine not?