Airport stream of consciousness

24 Oct

The woman with the cane is missing, the one traveling with her brother.  She was last seen in the line to nowhere for the cuzco flight that failed to materialize. She is now the lone sheep with a cane. Her brother is very distraught, I hear from the fake blonde who is talking to pisco sour lady. Talks of kidnapping ensue.  Well I hope nobody steals my Larry, says pisco sour, passing around diet wheat crackers. Laughter ensues because Larry is pretty loud and large, like an old redneck monster truck, but dorkier.  
Well, brittney and I stick out like sore thumbs because we are toddlers compared to the rest of the group. People are speaking baby talk to us, and asking which couple has adopted us. Whichever one has the deepest pockets. We are going to play the field with these viejitos. 

The lost cane lady was having a cocktail in the bar upstairs, the smart ol’ broad. I am feeling jealous, and terribly hyper from all the freaking coca tea I had to help me acclimatize to the altitude. Hours later, we are still at sea level and I am the  sober one, wide awake and in desperate need of chocolate.  Brittney is asleep. The man behind us is snoring  and why did I  read that cosmo already?

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