27 Aug

Is that a princess card and an origins bag I spy in the background? How perceptive of us, taking in all these small details. I am glad you are minting up your chops with the yummiest, sexiest product available. Speaking of lip products, I think I found a place for us to make beauty products in kiwi land as a workaway. And speaking of chops, I invented the best s’more this morning for breakfast after being served a toasted marshmallow in bed/tent by my man on the Washington coast. The peanut butter s’more with peanut butter m and m’s is nigella approved. Stay tuned for the coastal community oatmeal recipe for the impromptu backpacking campers (that’s right, I really backpacked!) and proposal for kiwi glamping. I think we should buy a car and name her kiwi Bambi….or Sheila. Shambie. Okay, tootles. P.s. Also stay tuned for this week’s recreation of the Bali magic moment.

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