Image 21 Aug

Feast. I almost pounced this chick’s beach blanket belly bingo this afternoon . No I am not baby crazy (please), I am hot-pregs-chicks crazy (yes please). I have been pregnant-crazy since I was 13 and had my first pregnant dream. My 5th grade math teacher delivered my baby on my desk, thanks for asking. And it was not creepy. It was okay. Like tingly joyful okay.  And this. THIS is my oasis in the flesh. The blonde, the glow, the white bikini, the skinny, the watermelon, the signing invitations at the beach (for some probable cute-ass baby shower next Sunday, she’ll be wearing a rayon white sun dress and rattan wedges). I’ll even take the fedora, against my will of course. I want/will be this in, like, let’s give it 5 years okay? Because I don’t want to be THAT old, but still pretty and lively.  Goals, BOOM.


Shimmer T(its)


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